Sunday 24th March 2019,

Roger Goodell is Willing to Give Up Some of His Disciplinary Power


In the first time since Deflategate grew legs, Roger Goodell spoke publicly about the “scandal” and where the NFL stands. He opened up to Mike and Mike this morning and sounded open to relinquishing some of his power.

Part of the reason we are we are with Deflategate is because Goodell is too instrumental in this process in the eyes of the players. Goodell feels he is operating under the collective bargaining agreement but New England doesn’t think so.

“I am very open to changing my role in that,” Goodell told ESPN Radio in his first public interview since Brady’s suspension was vacated. “It has become extremely time consuming. I have to be focused on a variety of other issues. That’s what I’ve discussed with many owners over the last couple years.”

H/T: yahoo

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