Sunday 24th March 2019,

Ryan Tannehill Signs. Dolphins Have a Franchise Quarterback

ryantannIn an era where franchise quarterbacks are hard to come by, it seems the Miami Dolphins have finally found the quarterback they have been looking for since number 13 retired.

Ryan Tannehill has been improving every season since he first got to the NFL. The Texas A&M standout has taken the role of leader quite well and has developed the Dolphins into a formidable offense that should be respected.

From a 12:13 touchdown to interception ratio, he has improved to 24:17 and 27:12 the last 2 seasons. He has played with top receivers like Brandon Marshall and Mike Wallace, and now his receiving corps might be better than ever with Greg Jennings, Jarvis Landry, and Kenny Stills at wide receiver with Jordan Cameron at tight end and highly praised rookie Devante Parker ready to show what he is up to. Tannehill is certainly a top candidate for a breakout season with the Dolphins set up well offensively.

His accuracy has improved as well going from 58% to 60% and finally to 66% completion percentage last year. He has definitely adjusted to things year after year. And he is quite the athlete as well. Being able to use his rushing ability to make plays. He has gone for 40 and 48 yard gains on the ground in the past and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down.

His deal extension is for 4 years and $77 million. Averages to 19.2 a year and 45$ guaranteed. Certainly a worthy player for that kind of money and the Miami Dolphins are showing him they are committed to making him their franchise player.

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