Monday 24th September 2018,

Sam Bradford Looking to Prove His Worth

bradfordEntering the final year of his contract and playing for a brand new team, quarterback Sam Bradford says he is not looking for an extension at the moment. He wants to prove he is still a great quarterback and should get paid like one as long as he stays clear of the injury bug.

Bradford will finish out the last year of his 6 year $78 million contract. Seems like way more than he deserves but this was signed before the new CBA so the money was well justified. Considering that amount of money, Bradford probably will like long term job security rather than a big amount of money because hes already made his fair share. Bradford has a lot to prove considering he has gotten hurt quite often lately, but the new change in system might prove to be a great combination between him and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sam Bradford hasn’t necessarily had a failure of a career. Just a career that never quite blossomed into what it was supposed to be. He missed all of 2014 and played just 7 games in 2013. He’s played 2 full seasons only, including his rookie season. Last time he got 16 games he threw for 21:13 TD to INT ratio and 3700 yards. Not bad at all for a quarterback with no real wide receiver weapons. In 2013 when he played 7 games his touchdown to interception ratio was 14:4 with Kenny Britt being the best weapon he had really. A real possibility for him to end with 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions which would have been incredibly impressive for a quarterback like Bradford. The whole year off in 2014 raises too many questions about how long it will take to bring him back to what he truly is or could be.

The Eagles certainly have high hopes in Bradford. He must have at least reminded them of Nick Foles in a sense because Foles didn’t for a second deserve to be booted from Philadelphia. In 2012 Foles played 13 games and had a 27:2 ratio which surprised all of the NFL, but in 2013 in only 8 games and almost as many pass attempts as he had in 2012 he could only muster 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Mark Sanchez stepped in and did a good job however. Though inconsistent, he did post similar numbers to Foles’s, leaving a ray of hope for Bradford.

Coming off back to back ACL tears Bradford has a lot to prove. Starting by beating Mark Sanchez for the week 1 job and then staying healthy for a full season. After that, Bradford can ask how the guaranteed money he deserves and the secure job he wants.

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