Tuesday 17th September 2019,

Seahawks, Russell Wilson Agree on 4-Year, $87.6M Extension


Kam Chancellor may be holding out for the Seahawks, but that’s probably because the team has been too busy deciding how much money they were going to give Russell Wilson. Today, we learned that number is $87.6 million over 4 years with $60 million guaranteed.

This thrusts Wilson in the category of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. He’s right on par with Aaron Rodgers. People may scoff at that, but if Peter Carroll decided to run the ball back in early February, Russell would have twice as many rings as Rodgers.

The agreement ends an offseason staring contest between the sides, which had set a self-imposed deadline of reaching an agreement before the Seahawks hit the field for training camp on Friday morning.

The sides had spent the past few weeks haggling over cash up front and guaranteed money.

H/T: nfl.com

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