Sunday 18th August 2019,

Sean McDonough to Replace Departing Mike Tirico for Monday Night Football

Sean McDonough

Big names and ESPN have been parting ways in startling fashion of late. One of the latest such instances is that of Mike Tirico, the voice of Monday Night Football. Tirico will be moving over to NBC when his contract expires this fall.

Tirico will eventually replace Al Michaels for Sunday Night Football, whenever that may be, and will likely assume the role of the network’s lead golfing voice. Perhaps even the Olympics as well in years to come.

But with his departure comes a glaring hole in the MNF booth for this this coming season. That will be filled by Sean McDonough, who is probably best known for his work with college basketball.

…four days short of his 54th birthday, it was announced that Sean McDonough will be the play-by-play face of a major sports television property, as he will be taking over Tirico’s role on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

It’s not often that competing sports networks work together on PR strategy but such was the case on Monday afternoon as ESPN and NBC Sports partnered to coordinate the announcements of Tirico joining NBC Sports and McDonough’s new position on MNF.


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