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Season expansion: A fan’s perspective

June 25, 2010 – Matt De Lima


Earlier this week, the NFL pitched the idea of an “enhanced season” to the NFL Players Association. This enhanced season would involve expanding the regular season from 16 to 18 games. Along with this change, the preseason would be contracted to two games, down from four.

From a fans’ perspective, this is a no-brainer and we all should be unified behind the owners. More football, ladies and gentlemen, is a good thing. If they removed a game, that would be a bad thing, wouldn’t it? If they removed 6 games, the whole country would be in an uproar. Therefore, it stands to reason that more football games are better than fewer.

As NFL fans, we get an additional two weeks to immerse ourselves in our favorite sport. This means more fantasy football, more pizza to be eaten, more beer to be drank, fewer weekend chores to be done, and more fun to be had.

The arguments have raged between those for the change and those against it. Owners obviously would like more revenue generated from extra games, especially from TV contracts. Players will take issue because they should make more money due to a longer, physically grueling season.

I can understand a NFL player being against an 18-game regular season. It is another two weeks of work. They play a violent game and put their bodies at risk.

As for the added injury-risk, players get injured all the time. That can’t be used as an anti-expansion argument from a NFL fan. How many NFL fans lose sleep because the backup defensive end on their favorite team tweaks his ankle and sits a week or two? How many games have you refused to watch because a player was injured and you felt sorry for him?

Steve Smith PanthersIt’s not that I am apathetic to the hard work these men put into their jobs. But realistically, how am I supposed to feel? If we are so empathetic to the health of football players, why not make the league flag football? Two-hand touch? Surely these players would have longer careers if we removed violence from the game. Let’s replace the football with a pillow, replace the turf with marshmallows and make the point of the game to hug your opponent. Whoever has the most hugs wins!

Even Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith broke his arm playing flag football earlier in the week.

Violence, a main trait which makes the NFL popular, suddenly is the reason to not expand the season? The NFL, its players, and fans can’t have it both ways.

Expand to 18! The NFL used to have 14-game seasons, and before that 12-game seasons and 10-game seasons. The players adapted then and they will again.?



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