Tuesday 25th September 2018,

Shane Ray Ready to Redeem Himself

shanerayhIt was a hell of a week for DE Shane Ray as he saw his draft stock fall from one of the top players in the NFL draft to possibly falling out of the first round with a huge question mark on his head. Ray was considered one of the most talented players out there and definitely one of the top edge-rushers and possible difference makers.

Ray was charged with possession of Marijuana a week before the draft. The misdemeanor could lead to a year in prison at the very worse. Or a $1000 fine, so the penalties can vary. With all this in mind teams decided to pass up on him early in the draft and Ray had to wait to find out his faith. The Denver Broncos decided waiting to see if Ray lands to them at 27 overall would be too late so they traded up and selected the All-American and top SEC Defensive player of the year.

The Denver Broncos know their window of opportunity is closing with QB Peyton Manning approaching 40. Ray will add a lot of explosiveness to the defense already led by Von Miller and Demarcus Ware, who figures to be a perfect mentor to groom Ray into a promising career.

Shane Ray seems to be ready as well.

Best believe… every team that passed on me is circled.

Ray is certainly motivated. An explosive player with a great mentor and a hell of a motivation? Truly a defensive player to fear.

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