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Soccer vs Football – John Cleese Rants

June 27, 2010 – Capt. Gridiron

Sports fans across the world are currently enjoying the World Cup. Well, most fans that haven’t had their games changed by bad refs.

The game of soccer, as I know it, is known around most of the world by its more appropriate title, football, which has led to some confusion by North American sports fans. We have our own football over here and it refers to hard hitting teams with high scoring games and not to the sport being highlighted in South Africa at the moment. This is how we see soccer.

To help clarify the differences, former Monty Python member John Cleese gives us an explanation.

Whatever your view on the terminology of “football”, at least ours has video review. Sorry England. The US team knows how it feels to have bad refs not call goals.

England Goal



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  • Chubertz

    But what is american football? Just a game for softies? If we look to the original game, yes. The original is Rugby, the real tough game.
    American football and soccer you can not compaire, and very most outside USA do not understand what the game is about. That may be the reason why it did not become worldwide popular as soccer.

  • Bill Gates

    paradoxically, the origin of the word soccer comes from England. The term “soccer” appeared shortly after the English Football Association was formed, being an abbreviation from “Football Association” (from assoc.) and although not as heavily used as soccer, it was a short, light form to describe the phenomenon.
    Reportedly, the man who stands at the origin of the word soccer is Charles Wreford Brown, an Oxford student who always preferred shortened versions of words, such as brekkers for breakfast, or rugger for rugby.