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Steelers Polish A Turd With Throwback Unis

April 18, 2012 – Capt. Gridiron

This post started out as the Ten Worst Things Than The Pittsburgh Steelers New Throwback Uniforms but I couldn’t get past three things. There are prison uniforms, giant killer bees, and the World’s Ugliest Dog. After that,…not much.

Steelers Ugly Jersey


The Steelers are celebrating their 4th Anniversary of Ben Roethlisberger not raping someone so they decided to roll out their prision uniforms from the prohibition era.

Personally, I’m under the belief that just because your franchise wore it at one time doesn’t make it a good reason to dust it off to hurt our eyes.

Short of something you’d see luchadores where during a wrestling match, the Steelers just pushed down hard on the throttle on the ugly car and ran themselves into a brick wall.

Kinda like Ben Roethlisberger driving a motorcycle.

I also think it’s fitting that the Steelers chose a local Burger King bathroom to grab a chance to do a photo op of this turd.  Somebody please flush.

Steelers bathroom vintage uniforms



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