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Texas High School $60 Million Stadium Update

May 2, 2011 – Capt. Gridiron

One of the biggest posts we have had on the Pigskin Doctors was the story about the Allen Texas High School that was going to start building a $60 million stadium. In a time when most schools can barely afford to pay their salary or get new books we have this football-hungry sector of Texas going crazy on spending for a sports complex and the post generated a lot of contrasting feedback.

The situation revolved around the decision to spend the money on the sports.  The community is football crazy and supported the stadium with an easy win in the voting booths and bonds to help fund the outrageous price tag.

Allen Texas High School $60 Million Stadium

So, what will $60 million get you? It’s not just football here. Golf, wrestling and even music are getting facilities in the bundle. And the revenue stream is expected to pour into the whole funding for teachers and not back directly into the athletic department.

“It’s hard when people are losing their jobs and you’re building a $60 million dollar stadium and an auditorium and things like that,” school athletic director Steve Williams told CNN. “But…those are two separate things. You can’t take that money for buildings and hire teachers with it.”

If the stadium works and helps support the school in the long run, namely the teachers and students as a whole, than the process is worth it. However, I don’t see too many schools able to pony up that amount of money to support their sports in hopes of supporting their school. Besides, you’re talking about an 18,000 seat stadium for a school with only 5,000 students.

Allen, Texas is the exception. Not the rule.

The stadium is currently being constructed and on track to open up for football next year. The Allen Eagles High School Stadium isn’t the largest one in Texas. There are at least four larger high school stadiums in Texas, but they are typically used by more than one team. Here’s some updated video on how the stadium is progressing.



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  • Jon L.

    I’m curious to see where this money is coming from. If I were a tax payer and this is where my money was going to, I would be very displeased.