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Texas High School Gets $60 Million Football Stadium

April 15, 2010 – Dr. Wedge Buster

Everything is bigger in Texas. And that includes high school football.

Allen High School, located in a growing suburb of Dallas, has approved the construction of a new stadium to house their football team that will break ground next month. The price tag is a whopping $60,000,000 and comes at a time when most school districts are slashing budgets just to keep their doors open.

So how does a school of 5,000 students justify a new, state-of-the-art stadium that seats 18,000 and a video scoreboard?

It’s because football is big business in Texas. Heck, they have the largest high school band with 800+ people (see video) so you can see that they go all out in Allen, Texas.

Allen High School is one of the largest schools in the state and their football team is one of the best. The Allen Eagles are winners of the Texas 5A state title and finished as the No. 2 team in the RivalsHigh Top 100 football rankings in 2008.

Allen Texas High School $60 Million Stadium

The new stadium will feature:

  • Video Scoreboard
  • Two level press box with film deck and Observation deck
  • Home side reserved seating with seat backs
  • 1,5000 additional parking spaces with 4,500 total parking spaces
  • 18,000 seat Stadium with upper deck seating including:
    • 5,000 reserved seating,
    • 2,700 General Admission
    • 4,000 Students
    • 5,300 Visitor
    • 1,000 Band

Their old stadium seats around 8,000 and was built 30 years ago. They bring in another 7,000 or so portable seats for fans to max it out.  Many people stand to watch the game and a trip to the bathrooms can take quite awhile.

The facilities are outdated and overrun so having a new stadium constructed is not unexpected. Dropping $60 million is a little outrageous but this is the team that helped fill Texas Stadium with 50,000 last year.

And one way to look at it is that the new stadium is just half of the expenditure.

The stadium was part of a larger $120 million bond package passed in May 2009 that included nearly as much money for a state-of-the-art auditorium for performing arts.

The new Allen Eagles Stadium is set to open in 2012.  You can take a virtual look at the new Stadium by clicking here.



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  • jeb Boulware

    texas is a oxymoron in more ways than one, but this takes the cake! the value system is all about the physical prowess, money, and ignorance. when the war between the states of mind explodes ,texas will be a major battlefield and one can only hope reason and logic will prevail.

    • Ryhno27

      @jeb Boulware, dude u might b a moron!! states of mind???

    • allen sucks

      @jeb Boulware, its an oxymoron not a oxymoron. moron!

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  • Jim from TX near Allen

    Ummmm, jeb Boulware, please take a minute to grab a dictionary and look up oxymoron. It inadvertently made you sound like a moron because you misused the word. 😛

    • marcus

      @Jim from TX near Allen, this guy was probly a band geek who got picked on by football players.

      • Russ

        @marcus, Don’t agree with Jeb, but I was in the band and I assure you that many more band geeks are successful compared to the highly “intelligent” jock population. Lol

  • Vibius

    Seems like all of Texas is overcompensating for something

    • D.R.

      I have always found that under achievers and week minded people use this lame logic. What are you over compensating for… lack of mental capacity.

      • http://none Carl Anderon

        @D.R., if you’re going to criticize then make sure you check your spelling moron! Weak minded people such as yourself should know the difference between WEEK and WEAK.

  • jeff

    Wow, I grew up in texas and played hs football, but this is absolutely ridiculous. How about spending half of that on the stadium and give the good teachers a raise or provide them funds to get advanced degrees? You still get an giant stadium and the kids get better teachers.

    • Lauren

      FYI – Salaries are are completely different funding – the stadium is a bond, so the bond money has nothing to do with the state education money.

    • Sue

      @jeff, Thank you for being a voice of reason! We live in Texas and are sick about the tax dollars being foolishly spent on this stadium. Not everyone is a huge football fan in Allen, Texas. We would rather see more focus on academics, not on glorifying sports to a ridiculous degree. It’s the degree to which sports is glorified that makes me shake my head in disbelief.

  • Bob Dobalena

    Most people here are overlooking the fact that this stadium will pay for itself via entrance fees, concession sales, and yes, even corporate sponsorship. The key fact in the article is that 50,000 people paid to see them play last year at Texas Stadium. A few years back, when the Dallas Cowboys needed an indoor practice field when there was problems at their usual location, they went over to the other big High School team in the DFW area, the Southlake Carrol Dragons, and used their indoor practice field as it was just as good as, if not better than, the Cowboys’ regular one.

  • http://www.sportsbetting.com/ Sportsbook

    WOW such huge stadium and very expensive. The new football stadium looks more beautiful than the old one.

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  • http://burningdiarrhea.com Rachael

    couldn’t they have used the budget for other stuff?

  • gerry mcgarvey

    I thought Texans were up in arms about wasteful spending of tax dollars. Where is the Tea Party outrage? Where is Perry, I guess researching succession. What a bunch of phoney’s, perhaps we would all be better off if they did suceed, please make my day.

    • Andrew Fitch

      @gerry mcgarvey,

    • Andrew Fitch

      @gerry mcgarvey,
      I will make your day, idiot. Before you start trying to make big fancy points, you should probably learn how to use the right words, it’s too bad you couldn’t suceed in getting your point across, moron

  • bkh

    I live in North Texas and work for a school district and we are broke. Bond or no bond how can they justify that expense. With the way the economy is and as many teachers that are completely under paid and under valued, why in the name af common sense would the school board approve such a thing. Are you people absolutely nuts !!!!!! Are they hiring ? Might as well go where the money is :)

  • JBK

    well, its clear to those in TX what HS football means to us. plus, bond pac kages cannot be spent for things like teacher salaries, etc. i am an Allen resident, and live just approx a mile from the new site. i am paying for a portion of this through tax dollars and do not mind. and yes, it will pay for itself quite quickly – so i’m not worried. keep your tea party comments out of here. theres no politics here (well, okay a few)
    anyone see that $1.2 Billion place in arlington? okay, this is only 60MM and I, as a taxpayer, am happy to pay for it. plus, my sons will have a better place to show off their FB skills to college and pro scouts!

    • dmy

      @JBK, you are soo full of crap. the school i go to is over 80 years old and our football team is state runners up. we have to go to other schools to play on their fields in the playoffs cause our field isnt even in good condition. so thats some bull crap.

      • Nate

        @dmy, HAHA sucks for you!!! Your parents should of made more money and then you could have been able to live within one of these mega high school districts and played for a decent team with a decent chance to play college ball.

        • Plano alum

          @Nate, That PLANO funded. So, agreed…Allen make more money so Plano doesn’t have to keep funding your athletic spending. Since 1993 we have given you over $1 billion dollars, Robinhood really did yall a favor.

    • Chris Harris

      @JBK, you are out of your mind, its very clear that all you care about is your son playing football and don’t care about how smart he is and their is a very slim chance that he will get a free ride to college and almost no chance of him going pro. we need to spend more on teachers than we do on sports our kids can do more with an education than most will ever do with sports.

  • djh

    JBK, do me a favor and don’t speak for all of “us” in TX. We don’t all live and breath for high school football. I too live in Allen, and I too am paying for this and I DO mind! Yes, a new stadium is needed because the old one is 30 years old and should be demolished, but 60 mil is too much! Gerry is right, some of Texans are indeed up in arms about wasteful spending of tax dollars, and this is a prime example of it. When it pays for itself, not a penny of that will go back in MY pocket.

    • AllenHSFan

      @djh, You had a chance to vote this down. Only a small portion of the registered voters in Allen voted on this bond issue and it passed overwhelmingly.

      More importantly, AISD has built new campuses, made major investments in acedemics and the arts. All of this has been, or will be completed before the stadium will be finished.

      Allen has also brought in big businesses like Cisco, Target, and others that will strengthen our tax base. Seems like a good place to be in with a strong school… That can’t be bad!

      • rea


        Just b/c they added on to the hs doesnt mean it “helped them” they don’t even have enough money to actually put teachers in there! It’s an empty building. Anyway, what about the kids? None of us care about this stadium! Anyway! When people voted, they didnt realize that it would be 60 MILLION dollars!

    • Sue

      @djh, Thank you! We live in Allen, Texas and happen to agaree with what you just said.

      • Sue

        @Sue, sorry. My hands are freezing. Agree

    • Nate

      @djh, If you dont want to be apart of it you can move out of this district and move to a district where they are not doing crap for the athletes and let your kids play on the teams that get wooped by Allen hahaha JEEZ people if you dont like it then just move!!!! High School football is a big deal now days and all the old people need to realize this and keep your mouths shut period. This isn’t 1950’s anymore think big!! Trust me 50 years from now 60 million for a stadium will be chump change.

  • KdNicewanger

    This should prepare them well for a career washing dishes at Applebee’s, which is all they’ll be qualified for after their $60 million football stadium and 10 cent education.

    • D.R.


      Do some research before making such stupid remarks. I don’t live in Allen but they have one of the best school systems in the state. By the way, some people actually like Applebee’s. Jealousy is a very unbecoming quality.

      • CJ OMG

        @D.R., I do live in Allen, and Im glad you said you dont it make sence. I put 5 children thru this school and have been here for over 30 years. The school system is better then some and not as good as most but let me tell you it has major problems spelled DRUGS anyone saying it does not works for the city, the school, has a vested interest to say otherwise, has no children, or is blind. The stadium will pay for itself however before any of us in Allen feel this we will build another dumb ” ” ” thing. The last responsable vote that took place in Allen was when we all voted a big NO to DART the towns North of Allen will take care of that for us. I have the option to move if I dont like it and I just might they wont miss my tax dollars. I will let you know on the move cause I live one block from the stadium and Im not looking forward to listening to the game from my bedroom. If your working for a school system and dont like the pay get another job or go back to school ( I did) your not getting under paid cause they built a stadium your getting under paid cause its what the market will bear and you had an over stated idea of what your worth ( so did I once). I dont like the idea of a 60mm stadium we could have done somthing other with funds of this level but the fact remains that it made sence on paper or it would not have been built bottum line.

        • Seth

          @CJ OMG,

          Hey, there are a good many schools with drug issues but I have to say I have been told by friends who have children in Allen HS that this school has more than the normal share. It once not to long ago had a captain of the ship there that had a DWI charge list that could have beat out even the worst offenders how does that happen? It has had bond elections in town that voted new store fronts for the same people voting it in how does that happen? It has developers scraching the back of the powers to be in high voting positions with backdoor perks not publicly known how does that happen? Im sure the majority of the people running this town are good and fair but there are a few who just need to go or at the least need investigation. Big business moving to Allen yep, they didnt come cause they like the smell folks they came cause it made for good business. How long befor you see their tax dollars? will the rollover effect off set this? somone is banking on it. Fairview got this and Allen got that you should check very hard into this subject. But hey if you dont like any of this you should run for office but oh check into this little Amarican system as well if they dont wont you in believe me you wont have a tinkers dam of a chance I assure you. But at the end of the day this town is no different than any other large growing town in North Texas, hum and the wheels on the bus go round and round.

    • Nate

      @KdNicewanger, More like owning an applebees and washing the dishes because he/she learned the importance of every job and how he/she is no better than the staff he/she works with from a good education given to him/her by Allen ISD.

  • http://evilkittyonline.com Ginny

    I wonder what the rest of the school got.. those kids that didn’t make it into football.. or the ones that like other stuff?

  • ger

    From what the article says, there is also $60 million going towards other things other than just a football stadium. I don’t see what the problem would be if the funding was passed. Football is IT in Texas! Maybe everybody doesn’t agree with that statement, but it is true. I would hope that the powers that be will use the extra money generated by this stadium to fund more academia in the future. I doubt it, but here is wishful thinking!

  • Stephen

    The idiotic lengths that some schools go to promote athletics makes one wonder. Do they go to school to play football, or go to football to play school? This is especially pointless considering the bizarre changes the Texas State Board of Education made to the state curriculum. I have to wonder where the priorities are. one is supposed to go to school to learn, not to play a game. No matter how important that game is to the outside community, the primary purpose of school is lost on these people. No wonder Texas is so screwed up.

    “Showing off to College and pro scouts” is asinine for those poor schmucks who have no chance at a pro career. The odds are quite long considering that most never make pro. Plus if one is injured on the playing field or worse, what good is just a football education going to make him? It does nothing to prepare an individual for a career in business. Maybe as one suggested above, a career washing dishes at Applebees or a career slinging boxes at Wal-Mart. That’s all the good a $60 million Stadium will do for most. Meanwhile other school districts are suffering cutbacks and closures of facilities. This extravagance is a slap in the face to those who go to school to GET AN EDUCATION – which is all a school should be for!

    • D.R.


      You seem fairly reasonable but some research may be helpful for you as well. Allen High School has one of the best school systems in the state. In addition, it is rated as one of the finest place to live in the US (due to the availability of fine education, very low crime rate, parks, income per capita etc…). The city also has one of the lowest debt per capita rates in the Country. I suspect they got there by being fairly frugal with their personal and municipal funds.

    • Nate

      @Stephen, Then move to kentucky they never talk about football there. Oh wait Allen’s education is better than any school in kentucky. At least your kids can learn how to raise chickens and drink beer though.

      • lol

        @Nate, you jackass…

        If Allen is a better school, why does Kentucky have better students?

        National Merit Semifinalists:

        Allen High School (Allen, TX)
        2010: 12
        2011: 11

        Manual High School (Louisville, KY)
        2010: 35
        2011: 45

        Bu-bu-bu-but wait. What about the relative size of the schools??

        Allen: 5000
        Manual: 1800

        Yeah Nate, I see what you mean now. Allen High School clearly has the highest academic standards.

  • Ron

    I wonder if the math dept. has up to date calculators? Does the chemistry class have proper supplies? Are the advanced placement classes taken care of properly? Oh yea…I forgot…this is Texas where 7th grade boys play a 12 game schedule with a homecoming and parents night….and QB is retained in 8th grade if the 9th grade QB is a good prospect. Talk about out of whack priorities.

    • lindsey

      ok stop haten on allen were a good school with good grades….yes we do have up to date calculators and yes chemistry is fine…..o and did i forget to say im in all ap classes and well yes we do get taken care of

      • Jon

        @lindsey, lol, Hopefully not AP English.

    • Nate

      @Ron, Calculators??Are u serious!!! This is not the 80’s they have lap tops and internet with google to get all the answers they will ever need. Hell they all prob have cell phones with internet and can get on line to use a calculator. Where have u been for the last 20 years under a rock? NO WAIT!!! ur still trying to figure a math problem out with ur calculator hahahah

  • KB
  • patrick

    I currently go to Allen, will be graduating in May. And I can say yes, the science classes have all the supplies the need, the teachers do get paid well, as compared to other teachers in other districts, we do have up to date calculators, all the school owned calculators are of the TI-84 Plus variety. If you were to see the school parking lot, and how many brand new mustangs and other cars fill it, you would probably stop complaining as much. As a member of said AP classes I can say that yes, they are taken care of very well, we have some of the smartest minds in the area, our AP Biology teacher just recently received outstanding biology teacher award from the State of Texas. The band program is just as, if not bigger than the football program, and $60 mil is also going to building a new band hall, performing arts center, orchestra hall, and choir room. The band, which I am a member of, currently marches over 600 members, and we will be growing again at the beginning of next year by about another 100. If y’all were to read the original article, you would see that

    “‘In Texas, funding is completely separate between capital projects and general (education) fund,” he said. “If we don’t build the stadium, none of that money could go to teachers or classrooms.'”

    As stated by the public information director for the district. The stadium will only be used by Allen High for football, as it is the only high school in the district, but it will also be used in the future most likely for UIL band competitions.

    Hope that answered all of y’alls questions.

    • Zoe

      @patrick, Thank you. I seriously think people should think about the fact that things are different in other places and Allen is a really good city. I know that I’m am personally looking forward to a new band hall because this one is just as big as the one we had in middle school.

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  • Tyler

    This is the most retarded thing I think I’ve ever seen, why are people from Texas so stupid? maybe while they were bragging about how everything is bigger in Texas it all went to their ego, making them think they have to have the biggest of everything, and waste all this money. Donate it to P.E.T.A. or someone who would use it correctly, instead of riding horses and shooting cows. Cowboy homos.

    • Sonny


      Well look here, a person crying about the GREAT STATE of TEXAS, and it’s education, and the folks that live here (cowboys)… Well TYLER, ur parents didn’t seemed to think Texas was/is so bad, they named ur dumbass after a city/town in our great state… LMAO…. Oh by the way, WE do things BIGGER AND BETTER here in TEXAS. GET OVER IT!!!

    • Alex M.

      @Tyler, Shut up, we spend 10k on property taxs a year we have 10 thousand people who attend every game, we dont bitch about shit and we do somthing about it, we decided we wanted a Stadium after we Increased wages, security, and staff, we decided to spend our cash this way because we wanted too, if we want somthing else, than we will spend our money there, the roads, housing, entertainment, and law inforcment dont like it move or go do somthing about it 😛

    • Sabrina


      Umm I live in Allen and go to Allen schools. Teachers start at 45,000 a year which is a lot more then other places. Next year every classroom gets a smart board which helps education. We have tons of computers and even laptops for the middle schools. Very thing has tons of money in Allen! The fine arts department is getting a brand new auditorium and all this stuff. Plus the stadium is a different budget. If you lived in Allen you would understand why we need the stadium. Friday nights are crazy! Everyone goes to the games, the band alone is 600 people…

  • Tommy

    I think this is a great accomplishment as this will help elevate the standards in high school football in Texas, and hopefully, across the nation.

    I don’t agree with the negative posts above that dumping money into youth athletics is wasteful. Athletics are such a positive force in kids and in most cases are the reason why they are successful both on the field and in classrooms.
    Furthermore, kids have 4 things to do after class:
    1. They study
    2. They practice
    3. They work
    4. They get high and drunk and play video games
    I would venture to say that far too many opt to travel down the path of option 4. Having sound, well-funded extra-curricular activities will motivate kids to be involved in something other than wasteful activities as in option 4.

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  • John

    Many of you people are very undereducated on this subject and it’s very irritating. The City of Allen has some of the highest property taxes in the state of Texas. The old stadium “seats” 15,000 people and it has had a 10k+ attendance at every game for the last 5-10 years. The stadium will be used for other things like youth football games and band competitions it’s not a waste of money and it was money well spent. Many residents that have no ties to the town or school, other than living here, regularly attend games and are often season ticket holders. The City of Allen revolves around football and as high as the taxes are, I’d be insulted with anything less than what is planned.

  • patrick

    The taxpayers voted for this in Allen, most people did because they didn’t like the old stadium.

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  • Intrested

    Does anyone know which contractor was awarded the contract to build the new stadium?



  • kc8clap

    I, too, live in Allen. I understand that some residents like the stadium, and some don’t. Full disclosure, I like it! That being said, this bond was sent to the voters in the city. It passed ~60% to 40%, if I recall correctly. The total bond is north of $200M, with $60M of it being for the football stadium.

    I completely understand the common reaction of, “why didn’t they spend it on…?” The fact is, the school district has already spent the money on everything else! Yes… EVERYTHING. Our teachers are amongst the highest paid in the state. There is an extremely low turnover rate among teachers and a huge waiting list for teachers that want to teach in the district. We have new books. New calculators. New buses. Our library is completely outfitted with dozens and dozens of new DELL computers, all networked together. Every classroom is networked with every teacher having a laptop to create powerpoint presentations to present to the class on projectors, all built in. Our basketball arena seats over 5000 and is better than many/most colleges. We have THE best facilities in the state. We have been adding elementary and middle schools to the area to support the growth. Each of these schools are high tech and modern. The older elementary schools (mostly built in the ’90s) are being retrofitted and updated to conform with all the new schools.

    Let me reiterate… EVERYTHING else has been paid for. The football stadium was the LAST thing the district needed to build. NOT the first.

    What has all of this led to? We have one of the best academic districts in the state. We have been rated “EXEMPLARY”, the highest rating, by the State of Texas. Each year, we have literally dozens of kids that get accepted into Ivy league schools. Our band is the largest in the country with over 600 members amongst the band, drill team, and color guard. They recently performed in the Rose Parade in Pasadena on New Year’s Day, 2008. Athletically, our football team is not only one of the best in Texas, but frequently rated as one of the best in the nation (if you happen to believe national hs football rankings). in 2008, Allen HS won the Div. 1, 5A (largest classification), Texas state football championship. That same year, MaxPreps ranked Allen #2 in the nation. Our girls volleyball team is one of the state’s premier programs, recently losing in the state finals. Our girls and boys golf teams have both won state within the past 5 years. Our girls soccer team has been ranked nationally, as well. Our boys wrestling team has won state two years, running. In non-UIL sports, Allen has won the state title in ice hockey and bowling. Yes… we even have enough money to fund a bowling team.

    Interestingly, I don’t know of any student that feels “jealous” of any other program. The support that they get is amazing. Way, way,way different from when I went to high school. And yes, the football team LOVES the band! It gets them fired up when the band starts to play the fight song and consumes whatever stadium in which they’re playing.

    Everything is funded. Every kid gets taken care of. I’ve not even mentioned the community college that is co-resident on the HS campus… or the culinary program… or the certified nurses assistant program… or the nationally award winning high school TV broadcast facilities and program. I could go on… and on… and on… EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR!

    Finally, there was a comment in here re. the Tea Partiers. From my understanding, the Tea Party movement is not about city governments spending tax payer approved dollars, however the tax payers of that city choose to spend them. I believe the Tea Party is about limited federal government and making sure the federal government follows both the letter and the intent of the US Constitution. Most Tea Partiers that I know just want the federal government to stay out of their state, and focus on the military, protecting our borders, fixing roads and bridges, print currency, and operate the Post Office.

    So, for all of you “upset” with how the Allen taxpayers spend OUR money, it truly is none of your business. It’s up to us, the taxpayer’s, how we spend it. I don’t give a damn if you like it or not, frankly. I do, however, respect very much the view of ‘djh’, above. I have been on the losing end of bond measures and didn’t like it. But we always have the choice of voting with our feet. Finally, though, I believe your comment, “When it pays for itself, not a penny of that will go back in MY pocket” is not exactly accurate. It’s true that revenue will not flow directly into your pocket. However, I do believe that further property taxes will be abated and some other bonds will be able to be paid down with the revenue from the stadium once it’s paid for. That should relieve some of the future property tax burden.

    My suggestion for those that take offense is, rather than be upset with what we’re doing, maybe you should be asking, “Why can’t my school district fund everything?”

    • AllenMom


      A little update. While Allen ISD is still currently able to provide a top-notch education, our headlines are now featuring news of drastic cuts to education due to state budget shortfalls. As an Allen parent I’m less than pleased to think that at some point my children may be sitting in an overcrowded classroom due to the expense of maintaining the monstrosity otherwise know as Eagle Stadium. I don’t believer for a minute that this stadium will pay for itself, and it certainly won’t maintain itself. A new stadium was needed, no doubt about it, but not one of this caliber.

  • http://www.carseatspink.co.cc carseatspink

    In Plano (literally right next to Allen, we just finished renovations on our Stadium), tickets are $6 for admission. Can’t say I’m surprised, this isn’t that surprising. Plus, lots of other teams other than Allen play in their stadiums, and their school is only going to get bigger. Hell, AHS looks like a college campus.

  • cs

    I am a senior at Allen and was on the state champion team last year as a junior and i know that we have some amazing facilities….the only bruise on Allen is the football stadium…the stadium was built when we were a 3A school and since then we have grown to a 5A power house and need a football field that represents the changes that Allen has made as a whole city in the past 10 years…yes i know i wont get to play on the field they are building i completely agree with the bond that was passed for the stadium

  • George

    It’s nice to see that at least one state is thriving despite the failed obama administration. If they want to spend THEIR MONEY on a football stadium then I have no reason to criticize them.

  • Randy

    I live in Allen. We voted on the bond to build that new stadium. We have great teachers here. Who make excellent wages (for teachers in Texas). So they aren’t going to strike because of pitiful salaries. Or send notes home with our kids to send in paper and pencils for everyone to share. We make no apologies for being able to afford a new stadium. Football reigns supreme in Texas. We’ve got one of the largest high schools in the state – so it’s about time we provided some place for the “visitors” to sit.
    Don’t be hating on us, y’all. LOL.

  • phillip
  • REO

    I also live in Allen Tx, and voted NO to this outragious bond!! Reason being I visited an elementary school and walk down the 6th graders hall and none I’m mean none of them knew how to spell, well I asked the teacher and she said we don’t teach spelling past 2nd grade!!! Well that’s obvious. Sad this school district and plenty others in America need a revamp of education not sports!! And what’s even sadder is there are countries in Africa that are getting better education than our kids. And those schools have just the essentials.

    • AUGRAD


    • AUGRAD

      @REO, Education goes past what a school can provide. Great education starts in the home. Parents failing their kids is more to blame than Allen spending money on a stadium. As you point out if kids in Africa get a better education on just the essentials then money should have nothing to do with how the kids preform. You cannot teach a child who does not want to learn. Specially if their parents aren’t home showing the importance.

    • Nate

      @REO,Yeah right shut up!! I dont believe that for one second!! You can learn how to spell from the internet you dont need teachers for that. They are more worried about learning binary and hex to become computer nerds or atleast how to download a software to make there myspace page pimp. My little brother could do anything he wanted on a computer before he could read and write. So if you cant learn to spell on your own then your just a moron!!

  • AB

    I live in Allen and do not agree with the $60million – where are our priorities. Most of the community would claim to be christian but all I hear is how big this is or how nice the cars are that the kids drive. My kids are in high school are are very smart but I worry about the way our kids think about “stuff” and my kids included. They either have or want the latest and greatest and this goes on across our country, Allen is just a larger example: new performing arts, skate park, stadium,… It would be refreshing to see a school/government act more modestly and do more with less.

    I really don’t like to see people brag about having some of the highest property taxes in the state – all of us in Texas don’t think this way.

  • katie

    im a junior at allen, and i lovee the idea, our old stadium is falling apart, our school and players need this, plus its not only for football.

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  • Andy

    For the idiots who say the stadium will pay for itself, it’s the property tax payers who have to fork over the money.

    This is beyond ludicrous! I live in Texas, don’t have any kids and pay $7,000/year in property taxes, the vast majority of which are to the school district.

    I’ve already committed to selling my house next spring in order to get rid of the property taxes. Everyone talks about Texas being a state with a low cost of living – that’s a crock. Even when I lived in California, my property taxes and state income tax combined didn’t come close to the property tax in Texas alone. Not to mention the fact that utilities in Texas are dramatically higher as is property insurance.

    • Richard

      @Andy, I don’t know where you live. I live in Wichita Falls but my offspring live in Allen, Plano and Ok City. For what we get here, our taxes are much higher than Allen’s.

      I have attended many of Allen’s Football Games and the last time we attended, with the siblings, we had to sit in different areas of the stadium but felt lucky to get tickets. They have several temporary seats in both end zone areas that cost somewhere around $250,000.00 per year. The elimination of these will make a pretty good stadium payment.

      My family in the area are totally involved in the education of my grand and great-grandchildren. They love the Allen Schools. The person who stated he/she walked down the halls of a middle school and the kids couldn’t spell is totally unbelieveable.

    • Nate

      @Andy, but your 350,000 dollar house in Allen is going to cost you 700,000 in Cali easy. I would rather pay the higher taxes to pay for my kids to have the BEST education possible for them to have then put that money into a house.

  • Alex M.

    Im attending the school and im probly more happy about the fact that we might have I-pads within 3 years (books would be more expensive costing around $1,750,000 for all 4000 students while basic ipads would end up costing around 1,250,000) and we got a radio station thats going to be up and running all day every day hosting an hour for local bands to come and play next year…. the reason Allen high gets so much funding is because its strongly supported by all the parants attending the games, strong involvment by all the students and great grades that the school generates, the only reason i know this is because i spend every 7th period as office aid and overhear pretty much everything that goes on. I love my school and wouldnt trade it for any other.

  • momof3

    Well, I can say this, Texas has way better education than CA and we have lived there for years. There is NO way we could ever afford to buy a house in CA as we could of in Texas and that’s based on ONE income. Even if we both worked we still couldn’ t afford it. I still think it’s cheaper to live in Texas vs. CA. I guess everyone goes through different issues. I think it’s kind of cool actually regarding the stadium. I’m actually glad my daughter is going to Allen. She is for sure getting the education she needs and she really enjoys the school.

  • Luciano



    jeb Boulware on April 15th, 2010 6:46 pm

    texas is a oxymoron in more ways than one, but this takes the cake! the value system is all about the physical prowess, money, and ignorance. when the war between the states of mind explodes ,texas will be a major battlefield and one can only hope reason and logic will prevail.


    • Nate

      @Luciano, HAHA i am by no means calling myself a christian but for you to call them ignorant 4 what they believe just shows your level ignorance! Honestly dude move to the ghetto where u belong hopefully u got shot in a gang shoot out!!

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  • AB

    Sounds like Luciano doesn’t know how to express himself without engaging in vulgar language. Like I said earlier, I think our parents priorities are wrong and materialistic and Luciano (like the rest of the world) would interpret it this way. I was not for this bond and I would like our local gov’t to be more responsible with MY money but we do live in a democracy.

    I’m not one of those unrefined liberal idiots but a true conservative (i like to conserve my money as well)

  • Fhefootballstud

    I think that since the stadiums were already outragously packed that they should expand. What if a mother of a child who scores his one and only td of his career that game and she was goung to the packed bathroom and stands in line for 30 minutes? Its a go way to spend money. I wish i could play in a stadium like that:)

  • http://boobs.com ricky bobby

    to be in allen u have to be proper and white and lazy as shit. ipads for teachers. none for students. and what the fuk is up with the seniors having to come on testing days? just to save a little money? just fuking take a few seats out of the sixty fuking million dollar stadium. dam

  • big N

    i agree with Luciano. allen is full of stuck up bitches. and crooked ass grimy freedom taking police. fuck em! they are full of snitches, like crime stoppers wat is up with that. they have nothing better to do then destroy of city. and spending 60 million dollars on a bullshit ass statidum,WOW. they could donate that money to ACO and actually help people who need it in the community. But no, allen wants to be all rich and cool. im a senior this year at ahs and all they do it try to make the school rich and fancy, they dont care about the education. they have “student observers”, (dont no their official title) walking around classrooms with their iPads like they run shit. man, this school is full of bullshit. i agree allen needs to stop being so stingy and just share the wealth with the needy. not on some dumbass stadium, YUH.

  • http://www.tribalbet.org Tribal

    If you want the youth to be world class then you need to invest in the best training facilities but wow 60 million

  • http://www.vincentsmithschool.org Special Education Schools on Long Island

    I can’t believe that Allen High School actually got a $60 million dollar football stadium. Now this news will start a race between educational institutions to have something amazing like Allen High School’s $60 million dollar football stadium. Thanks for posting.

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  • fellner

    all we want at my h.s. is lights and bleachers, and maybe the funding for a 2011 season. oh yeah, drama presentation was lost this year for lack of funding.

  • http://www.kerrrtivolsafdf.com/ kerrrtivolsafdf

    Thanks pal. It has been fun reading

  • She

    Well I just got done reading all of these and i don’t know if you guys realize that the stadium and everything is already paid off along with 1 mill on the side for changes, and it is because of the tax laws why we couldn’t soend the 120 Mill on buying new books and stuff for our students and getting/keeping more teachers. I’m pretty sure that if we could we would’ve used that money to do that stuff but because of the law we couldn’t. I am part of the band there at Allen HS and in fact i just moved here and I will have to say even though we’re understaffed and everything this school has to be one of the best academic wise that I’ve ever been to. Also I have never ever seen a town so supportive of their school as like Allen, as well as I’ve never seen a school and a sstudent body that does so much in return for the community.

    • Nate

      @She, obviously the schools have the money to pay teachers thats obvious!! So why are they cutting teachers jobs?? That’s because the govt knows something we do not! Everyone will find that out in a few years trust me…I’m not going to say because I dont want to die yet but yeah think a little bit people.

  • Davi

    A $60 million dollar stadium for high school kids ages 14 to 18! They are not that great. Talented maybe. But great, no. The only lesson here is greed for corruption. Seriously, some educators have lost their mind. But you can blame Austin, Texas politics for even allowing this to happen….

  • JIm

    There is no reason any child needs to play sports in a stadium this cost. These are children playing high school sports. Give me a break. This is exactly why children have the entitlement attitude they have today, and there is no reason why a high school band needs a multi million dollar performance venue. These are children, give me a break!

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  • Rich

    When are they joining the Big East?

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  • Big Dog

    I agree that the stadium is 20mil overpriced. Thirty years without a new stadium, too many people to fit in the stadium. The original population when the stadium was built 30 years ago was for a population of approximately 1000. The school is highly ranked academically. The city is more safe than others. They are like any big school. They should have taken the 20 mil wasted and spent it on other school related needs. They won state championship, and had to get a new stadium before voters forgot the state championship.

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  • dumbtaxpayer

    Who pays for this? I guess not only democrats get welfare.

  • CM

    Wow..interesting reading all the different perspectives on this issue. Allen sounds like a cool, supportive community to raise kids. Some of the comments are a bit disturbing.. not cool to stereotype all the people so negatively…whenever a community goes to this much trouble and expense to provide a positive environment for their kids whats to complain about? No community can be expected to fix all students’ problematic home/family issues ..
    Its true..

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