Thursday 28th April 2016,

The Worst Madden Curse Yet! Adam Schefter and the Peytons

petyon hillis

April 12, 2012 – Capt. Gridiron

madden 12Adam Schefter of ESPN is easily the hardest working chap at the network and his dedication to breaking the news of the NFL is second to none. In fact, his dedication to using Twitter to break news is one of the reasons I believe that Twitter is so popular. 

Adam has helped other journalists realize the instant impact of breaking news is a popular trait.

But now I just think of him as a genius because this whole time we were contemplating the Madden Curse and this whole time it seems like the conspiracy to ruin the year of the guy on the cover is deeper than we all imagined! It’s a conspiracy!

Wow! Consider my mind blown!

The search for the cover boy for Madden 13 is in the works and Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, Cam Newton and Patrick Willis are in the lead right now. If I were one of those guys I’d start thinking about lobbying for the other three in the voting process.

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