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This Scares Me. Nike Getting “Aggressive” With New NFL Uniforms

NFL Nike

June 30, 2011 – Dr. Pancake

If there is one thing I would not like to see is Nike getting back into the uniform business and trying to get ‘creative.’

I don’t find their ‘creative’ very good. In fact, I think a lot of what they do is quite hideous and tacky.  Not everything but if the NIKE world comes to the NFL and we start to see the OREGON DUCK effect I’m going to be real sad.

Nike Brand President Charlie Denson talked this week about the future NFL contract which begins next April and Nike is already gearing up for some changes.

“We’re going to be aggressive,” Denson said. “Some teams are willing to go further than others.”

I guess I’m stuck in one of those problem areas where I don’t mind seeing some NFL teams update their look but the thought of looking at cartoonish, neon eyesores turns me off.

The reason I’m worried is there’s already been a fake NFL Nike post and the more Nike stuff I see lately, the more I think it could happen.

Just look at what Nike did last year with the NCAA.

Nike NFL Bengals uniform

Be afraid,….be very afraid

One team already up for a revamp are the Seattle Seahawks. New coach Pete Carroll is working on creating a new look for the team that is, well, let’s just say less monochrome.

I’ve heard rumors that the ‘Hawks are leaning toward a more traditional look and believe their all-blue style has been played out.  I agree with that.  Hopefully, Nike will work with the team to keep a more professional, and less cartoon-like, look to the NFL uniforms so we don’t see something worse than this in the future.

Setting the bar low



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