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Tim Tebow Gets Tebowed In Embarrassing Loss

October 30, 2011 Dr. Hut Hut Hike

The Detroit Lions, hurt by 2 losses, visited the Denver Broncos Sunday in an easy pick for a blowout game. The Broncos may now have properly boarded the Tebow-train but it will take awhile for this team to get up to speed.

That’s because the Broncos are just a bad team all around and not even Tebow can help that. But they are improving slightly. Just don’t go looking for examples on Sunday’s game with the Lions for proof.

That’s because Detroit thumped the Denver Tebow’s 45-10 as Timmy threw for 167 yards and 2 INT’s including this 100-yard backbreaker.

Chris Houston of the Lions ran back this INT all the way to the endzone that put the Lions up to 45 points as a result of a poor throw by Tebow. The Lions ended up sacking Tebow seven times and turned his two turnovers into touchdowns.

And you know by now that everyone was waiting for what we’re about to show you.  Because Tebow is, well, Tebow, … there’s a new thing called ‘Tebowing’ that’s already popped up. It’s already worn out, too.  But that didn’t stop Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch from celebrating his sack of Tebow by joining the “Tebowing” craze.


And then there’s Lions TE Tony Scheffler, who used to play for the Broncos and decided to just an all around F-you to the entire stadium.

After he caught this touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford he fakes throwing the ball in the crowd.

Then he pretends to be “Tebowing” before decides against it at the last moment.

Finally, the Mile High Salute maybe? Nah. Not really.



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