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Tom Brady: Most Significant NFL Win?

Tom Brady: Most Significant NFL Win?

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the NFL’s current unrivaled superstar. The New England Patriots’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams at Gillette Stadium on Sunday was obviously a high point for the team as a whole. However, it was even more meaningful for Brady who had just notched his 201st career win in the NFL. When you find updated NFL lines in sites like MyBookie, you will be inundated by the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding Tom Brady, primarily because he keeps winning.

And at his age (39), it doesn’t look like he is interested in slowing down, which means he will only break even more astounding records in the future. But, not all victories are the same.

And, after more than 200 victories, it is only natural to wonder which of Brady’s many wins is the most precious to him. This is the very question that was thrown Brady’s way on Monday.

Brady barely hesitated when he threw his most recent Super Bowl Triumph out. New England took on Seattle during the Seahawks Super Bowl on February 1st, 2015. Super Bowl XLIX might not elicit excitement from all corners of the NFL fanbase, but it was definitely significant to Brady.

And according to the NFL athlete, this was because of the years he had spent seeking and failing to acquire a Super Bowl victory with the Patriots. Brady, like many rising football stars in the NFL, took the Super Bowl for granted at one time.

The Patriots had made it into the playoffs and pushed their way to the Super Bowl so many times that such victories didn’t always strike a chord in Brady’s mind. That is what happens when a player and a team enjoys such a lengthy stretch of successes like Brady and the Patriots.

However, as the years stretched on, and as Brady and his colleagues struggled for a Super Bowl victory and failed to get one, Brady admits that he began to grow a little desperate. Suddenly the Super Bowl transformed from that one thing they did every year to a seemingly unattainable goal Brady was willing to sacrifice everything to acquire.

Sure, the Patriots saw great success. The 2010 season was especially great for them; however, they still didn’t win the Super Bowl. The disappointment was almost crushing. Things looked like they might change in 2011.

The Patriots made it all the way to the Super Bowl, but, again, they didn’t leave with a win. 2012 and 2013 were filled with even more disappointments. The Patriots just couldn’t get it together when it mattered.

And just as it looked like the Patriots would have to grow acclimated to life in the NFL without a Super Bowl victory, everything changed during Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots, struggling with a 10-point, 4th quarter deficit, were somehow able to rally in the final moments of the game to steal a win.

Brady’s 37 completed passes (of 50) for 328 yards and four touchdowns obviously helped. Brady more than deserved his third Super Bowl MVP award, exceeding expectations as the game wore on.

But, what Brady remembers isn’t his own notable performance but the way the Patriots pushed back against a Seahawks team that seemed unbeatable. Brady has no intention of retiring anytime soon, not when he has so many Super Bowl Wins to accrue.

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