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TV Ratings: How Will the NFL Draw Viewers Back?

TV Ratings: How Will the NFL Draw Viewers Back?

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The NFL is desperate. True, the ratings are falling, but not at such a rate that the league is facing downright disaster. Yet, for an organization this large, there can be no place for complacency, especially when even the tiniest changes can elicit destructive consequences. All talk of the Super Bowl odds has been forgotten.

Everyone is watching with bated breath, wondering what the NFL will do to rectify what might eventually prove to be a sinking ship. And that is why NFL executives might be panicking.

Sure, Television ratings dip every once in a while. Even the biggest television phenomenon in the United States couldn’t have been expected to maintain such lofty successes. That isn’t how things work. The world is such that everything must wax and wane at some point.

And this dip in ratings could be a momentary anomaly. The worry amongst NFL executives is the possibility of this dip in ratings becoming a permanent pattern. You can never afford to take your eyes off the ball in entertainment. And it is easy to understand why the NFL might have chosen to take seemingly unnecessary drastic measures in order to quell a problem that has the potential to balloon into a crisis.

This season has been particularly harsh with regards to the Television Ratings. The NFL has been brainstorming about the sorts of ideas they could use to draw viewers back to the game.

Brian Rolapp (NFL Media Executive VP) said that the NFL needed to keep an open mind. It was necessary for them to add a sense of flexibility in their dealings. Success in sports and entertainment can go as easily as it came. Rolapp thinks that they need to keep making improvements to the game in order to make it exciting enough of a phenomenon to entice viewers back.

Safety is also an issue; the sooner the NFL can assure fans that the league they support is doing everything possible to keep their favorite athletes safe, the sooner the league can shrug off all the controversies about concussions that they keep contending with.

Some people in the NFL have chosen to shrug off any and all concerns surrounding the Rating issue. The League has experienced some truly phenomenal growth in the last decade. That success didn’t manifest immediately, but it definitely cemented the NFL’s dominance in the Sports Arena.

The election has definitely eaten into the NFL’s popularity, with many choosing to prioritize the Clinton/Trump Clash over most NFL games, even the most exciting of matchups.

However, Rolapp has refused to use the elections as a scapegoat. He believes that the NFL could do more to hold consumers’ attention. He suggested making the games shorter and better. Picking up the pace and eliminating replays could give games a greater intensity.

The League, to its credit, has shown some intelligence by choosing to scrutinize the impact Ads are having on games. The fact that they have up to 70 Ads running in any given game might be turning some viewers away.

While they cannot completely eliminate them, it is imperative for the league to ensure that Ads do not disrupt games. Ratings are definitely going to be an issue for quite a while.

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