Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Von Miller: “No Chance” I Play Under Franchise Tag

Von Miller: “No Chance” I Play Under Franchise Tag

von miller

The Von Miller contract situation in Denver is an interesting one. He’s no better now than he was a year ago, but that Super Bowl MVP honor is a huge piece of negotiating leverage. So much so, that he turned down a 6-year $114.5 million contract offer from the team last year. Miller, reportedly, wasn’t happy with the guaranteed money.

Then, a few days later, Fletcher Cox from the Eagles signed a 6-year, $103 million deal with $63 million guaranteed. Of course, the guarantee is the only thing that matters and that’s reportedly more guaranteed than what was offered to Miller and Cox is not nearly as valuable and coveted as Miller. So that has changed the conversation, to say the least.

There have been talks that the Broncos would place the dreaded franchise tag on Miller, in lieu of giving him longterm money, but Miller isn’t interested in that. It’s looking like it may be a while before this gets sorted out.

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