Friday 15th February 2019,

Warrant for ex-Cowboy Lucky Whitehead Revoked

Warrant for ex-Cowboy Lucky Whitehead Revoked


Lucky Whitehead has been having a rough time lately. His dog was kidnapped, he wass miss-ID’d in a shoplifting case and was released by the Dallas Cowboys.

The wide receiver was released by the Cowboys on Monday after reports emerged he had missed a court hearing relating to a case in which he had stolen $40 worth of goods from a Virginia convenience store in June. It turns out whitehead was not in Virginia at the time of the alleged crime.

“We are thrilled that Lucky was vindicated, his good name restored and the charges dropped and warrant rescinded,” Whitehead’s agent, David E. Rich, said in an email to The Washington Post. “Rich Sports never doubted his story for a second. He’s family and we were gonna have his back no matter what.

“I’m very disappointed in how this entire thing was handled from the first story to the authorities in D.C. to the employer. Lucky deserved better. Don’t we all when are surprised an accusation out of left field? And those teammates in Dallas lost a good one … for no reason. There’s gonna be some lucky team in a day or so that gets themselves one hell of a player.”

What made this story even more bizarre is that according to police, the suspect who was believed to be involved in a June 22 shoplifting incident did not have ID on him when he was stopped by authorities. He said the man gave officers a name, date of birth and Social Security number that matched those of Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr.

Also last week, Lucky was caught up in another bizarre incident when he announced that his dog had been kidnapped and ransomed for $20,000. The story became even stranger when video emerged of rapper Boogotti Kasino with Whitehead’s dog. Kasino claimed he had not kidnapped the dog but instead purchased him and wanted Whitehead to reimburse him. The dog has since been returned safely.

Perhaps the name Lucky isn’t the most fitting.

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