Thursday 20th February 2020,

Will we ever take the Detroit Lions seriously again?

lionsAll Teams have up and down years. They have rebuilding periods. They have dominant periods. It’s really hard to predict where teams will end up year after year and who is truly a contender. Not all teams have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning who we can count on to be in their conference championship game every time. But there is one thing we can agree on. The Detroit Lions? meh, they’re just going to be there like always.

They have the best wide receiver in the league in Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, a passing machine in QB Matthew Stafford, who is one of less than 10 quarterbacks to throw for over 5000 yards in a season, they have WR Golden Tate whose speed creates mismatches that led the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory, they’ve had defensive stars like DE Ndamukong Suh, SS Glover Quinn, and linebacker Stephen Tullock, and yet, how many times have you actually believed the Detroit Lions where a serious contender?

In a recent insider ESPN research study, the Detroit Lions ranked as the worst drafting franchise in the NFL. Even worse than this, the Lions where the only ones who scores in the negative margin using Pro Football Reference’s Approximate Value statistic with a AV of -6.2. You don’t understand what that means? Neither do we. But it is bad. The Raiders were at +2 and the Seahawks (The NFL’s best drafters) were at +33.9. Probably explains why the Lions just keep getting stuck in this endless circle of mediocrity.

Since 1993, when they last won their division, the Lions have surpassed the 10 win margin just 3 times. Twice in the last 4 years, but they have failed to win a playoff game any of the 6 times they made the playoffs. So will they be able to change things around? Will losing players like RB Reggie Bush and DE Ndamukong Suh bring the Lions more room for better players to take them to the next level?

That was an easy answer.

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