Saturday 18th November 2017,

Jameis Winston Sounds Like He’s Still Interested in Baseball

Jameis Winston Sounds Like He’s Still Interested in Baseball

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Jameis Winston is obviously best known for his prowess throwing a football, but he was quite the high school and college baseball player as well. These days, you don’t really see guys play two sports at the same time like you saw in the 90s. But he’s playing the two sports that would allow that to be the case, but it’s just not really a thing anymore.

Winston is concentrated on turning the fortunes of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around. He appears to be the QB to do that, and they’re getting the right pieces in place. But on a recent interview with The Dan Patrick Show, it sounds like he’s still kinda sorta interested in baseball.

Dan Patrick: Do you rule out baseball as a career at all at any point?

Jameis Wisnton: Uhh, (laughs) I guess I gotta say that right now. But you know I love baseball so much. The highlight of my year was being able to throw the first pitch out at a Yankees-Rays game. So that was pretty good for me.

H/T: The Dan Patrick Show

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