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Adam Foote’s Zamboni bunk bed is Awesome!

April 6, 2012 – Dr. Rush

One of the perks of having an ex-NHL star as your dad is the perks. Joe Sakic babysits. Peter Forsberg takes you to Casa Bonita but eats all the Sopapillas. And Patrick Roy coaches your hockey team.

OK. Maybe not that last point. But if you’re Adam Foote’s kid you’ve got all the other kids beat.

Recently retired defenseman Adam Foote won two Stanley Cups while with the Colorado Avalanche (1996, 2001) so it’s only fitting that he decked out his kids bed as a Colorado Avalanche Zamboni!

This is seriously the coolest bed I have ever seen. And now it’s for sale. Quick, someone loan me $13K!

Adam Foote Zamboni Bunk bed

[via SportsNet] The two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Colorado Avalanche commissioned this beauty to be made for his sons, Callen and Nolan, who are now 13 and 11, respectively.

Presumably the boys have hit an age where sleeping on a bunk bed has lost its appeal or sharing a bedroom with your brother has lost its appeal. Because a few days ago, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece was spotted on, selling for a perfectly reasonable $13,000. The listing has been recently removed, hopefully because a young Denverite who dreams of being Gabriel Landeskog just had a wish fulfilled.

Littleton, Colorado, craftsman Rick Brochu, who built this ice-cleaning/sweet-dreams machine, points out all the nifty features of the bed in the listing.

The Zamboni “has upper and lower full size mattresses and features a working stereo, headlights, side marker lights, a steering wheel, pillow and blanket storage, and a custom paint job that can be done for the team of your choice.” Brochu assures prospective buyers that the Zamboni nameplate is legit, and explains that the tires are intended to be on a motorcycle.

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