Thursday 28th April 2016,

Blues, Senators Fans Rap For The Playoffs

NHL Playoffs 2012

April 12, 2012 – Dr. Rush

The St. Louis Blues and the Ottawa Senators are two teams at the beginning of the season I would have said wouldn’t have made the playoffs. A lot has changed during the season. Somewhere, an offense bloomed in Ottawa and the Blues landed a new coach and philosophy to start one of the best goalie tandems in the league on their way to a division title.

To help celebrate their success, fans from both teams have dusted off the microphones and hit the recording studios the help the fans get excited for the playoffs. It started when St. Louis band Brookroyal created the rock anthem “Bleed Blue” after the Blues won the division in March.

Brookroyal must have gotten the Blues fanbase pumped up because this week we saw a couple of dudes called Deuce trying their hand at the painful to watch rap video “St. Louis Blues Rally Song (Blue Note Boogie).” The guys dusted off their VHS camcorder and edited together a shaky, blurry video.

Not to be outdone, Ottawa Senators fans invested some actual production and editing time to create a new, unofficial playoff rap titled the “SENS PLAYOFF MIX (Ottawa Senators Playoff Rap).”

Where have I seen that guy before?

It kind of reminds me of that goon from Eddie Murphy’s The Golden Child (see video), Karl Pilkington, or….wait…I got it. It’s Kip from Napoleon Dynamite!

Can’t unsee…

Senators rap Kip Napoleon Dynamite

Watch NOW:


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