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Bruins Maul Canucks, Mason Raymond Injured

Vancouver Canucks forward Mason Raymond

June 14, 2011 – Dr. Rush

It started out bad in Game 6 for the Canucks as Mason Raymond was taken to the hospital just 20 seconds into the game….and went downhill from there.

Roberto Luongo should be biting his tongue after making smart remarks about stopping pucks in Game 5. Turns out the Bruins wanted to make a point and piled 3 goals on Roberto in 8 1/2 minutes and then added one quickly on backup Cory Schneider to put the Bruins up 4-0 halfway through the first period.

The Canucks look bewildered and overpowered as the more physical Bruins used their home ice advantage to grab a win and tie the series at 3-3. Game 7 returns to Vancouver Wednesday, June 15th.

Vancouver Canucks forward Mason Raymond was taken to the hospital following a hit by Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk during the opening minute of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden.

The Canucks did not disclose the injury but said Raymond is being evaluated.

Raymond and Boychuk became tangled behind the Bruins net with the Canucks on the attack. Raymond was spun around and went back-first into the boards and crumpled to the ice. He stayed down for nearly 5 minutes as trainers attended to him.
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So, Luongo choked again. That’s seems to be a trend of sorts with him. Now will the Canucks go with him in Game 7 for a chance of redemption?

Tough call. Luongo usually does poorly (in this years playoffs) for 2 games followed by a third great one. Too bad there’s only one more game left in the series.

Fueled by the return of Nathan Horton, the Bruins seemed riled up from the get go. Horton appeared before the game on the scoreboard for fans and players to see and it definitely got the crowd excited.

Nathan Horton drew cheers from the home crowd when the injured Boston Bruins forward was shown on the scoreboard during a timeout in the first period of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals against the Vancouver Canucks on Monday night.

His teammates joined in by knocking their sticks against the boards, the traditional sign of applause by hockey players.

Horton smiled and waved at the fans. One sign in the crowd read, “Win it for Horton.” Another: “Boston Runs on Horton.”
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The Bruins held on to win 5-2 in an easy win with a few spurts of fights and scuffles but nothing was as sad as the pictures of the streets of Vancouver, filled with blue jerseys, silent and sad. The quick start by the Bruins made for a long night for Canucks fans who filled Rogers Arena and the nearby streets to watch the game.

Even liquor stores surrounding the area were forced closed to help curb the would be party crowd if the Canucks won.

In a bid to keep the festivities under control, the provincial government ordered 19 liquor stores to close early — at 4 p.m. — in downtown Vancouver. They had remained open as usual during the opening two games of the final in Vancouver.

canucks fan

Everyone do the Luongo choke face!

“This was done during the Olympics, and there was an immediate reduction of alcohol-related violence and disorder,” Solicitor General Shirley Bond said in a statement.

There were an estimated 100,000 fans in the streets for Game 5 Friday and more had been expected Monday.

“Alcohol consumption on the streets and public intoxication reached an unacceptable level on Friday, and we have a responsibility to ensure everyone can enjoy public events and celebrations in a safe manner,” Brown said.

“Let’s show the world once again that British Columbians know how to celebrate in a safe and responsible manner,” she added.

Const. Jana McGuinness said police poured out about 3,000 bottles during Friday’s game.

“We didn’t see anything like that in the Olympics,” she said. “The highest pour-outs were 1,800. So liquor is a big issue and we’re going to stay on top of it tonight.”
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