Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Canadiens Gauging Trade Market for P.K. Subban

P.K. Subban

Are the Canadiens considering trading P.K.Subban?

According to a TVA Sport reporter, an anonymous team executive claims that the Montreal Canadiens all-star defenceman P.K. Subban’s name has come up on the trade market. Louis Jean, the reporter, did clarify that he was not suggesting that GM Marc Bergevin would trade Subban.

P.K. Subban was recently called out by Michel Therrien for yet another team loss. P.K. turned the puck over against the Avalanche which led to a Colorado win over Montreal.

“It’s too bad that an individual mistake cost us the game late in the game,” Therrien said.

“We play as a team, and at the end of the game when we don’t play as a team, we could be in trouble and this is what happened.”

Marc Dumont, the managing editor of the fansite Habs Eyes on the Prize has called this season an “embarrassment” for the Habs. But despite P.K. clearly making a mistake, the Montreal fans are behind him and if it came down to a stand off between player and coach, Dumont believes Therrien would lose.

“Subban is a star in Montreal, on the ice and off,” he said. “He sells seats.”

Subban is the only bright spot right now for the Canadiens who now hold the leagues worst record since Dec. 1. They have lost three in a row and sit out of the playoff picture at 27-27-4.

Rumors are flying about P.K., but it does seem unlikely that the superstar is going anywhere.

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