Sunday 14th February 2016,

Chicago Fan Narrowly Escapes Beer Bombardment

May 12, 2010 –Adam Steevens

Vancouver was knocked out of the postseason last night, and one Blackhawks fan just barely escaped getting nailed by an airborne glass of beer.

If I had spent decent money for one of those RBK Edge jerseys, only to have it doused in a full beer from some ‘hoser’ (that’s right Canadians, I’m taking your terminology now), I’d be filled with insane rage. The guy/girl who threw that beer should be happy it didn’t connect. I think it might be grounds for a serious beatdown. Either case, no amount of beer acrobatics were going to get the Canucks past the second round this year, and the Hawks took care of business on the road.

{From Puck Daddy}



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