Thursday 26th November 2015,

Erik Cole Celebrates Goal by High-fiving Ref

Erik Cole

March 15, 2012 – Dr. Rush

Typical Montreal.

There is a belief among some hockey fans (and even some within the NHL, like, say, Flyers coach Peter Laviolette, as we saw during HBO’s 24/7) that the Montreal Canadiens tend to get some favorable calls from referees on their home ice because, well … they’re the Montreal Canadiens.

That’s why it was kind of comical to watch forward Erik Cole score his 27th goal of the season on Wednesday night against the Ottawa Senators, and then celebrate by casually skating past the referee and giving him a quick high-five [via]

Erik Cole, the ex-Carolina Hurricane and now Canadien, slaps some skin with the ref, who is signaling the goal, and I hope it becomes a trend. I’ve seen a few videos over the years of overexcited players doing this but maybe we can take it up a notch and allow the players to start full-out celebrations involving the refs. Could be cool.

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