Tuesday 22nd January 2019,

Fan Sues Chicago Blackhawks

Fan Sues Chicago Blackhawks


The Chicago Blackhawks are being sued by a man named John Cooke. Cooke claims he was enjoying a game at the United Center during game 4 of the Western Conference Final when some drunk fan sitting behind him fell and injured him.

Apparently Cooke and other fans complained numerous times to security and arena staff about the drunk individual sitting a couple of rows back, but no one did anything.

When the Blackhawks scored a goal in the first period, the drunk fan lost his balance and fell onto Cooke, injuring him in the process.

According to NBC Chicago:

The intoxicated fan two rows behind them was “loud, boisterous and unruly” from the start of the game and lost his balance while celebrating a shorthanded goal by then-Hawks winger Brandon Saad late in the first period, the suit alleges.

The unidentified spectator tumbled down two rows striking Cooke, who suffered a neck injury that required surgery, his attorney David O’Connor said.

Other fans had complained to ushers earlier about the drunken man, but security weren’t in “their assigned positions” and failed to remove him from the crowd before he hurt Cooke, the suit claims.

John Cooke is now suing the team, the United Center and its security contractor for $100,000 because they failed to remove the drunk fan even after being made aware of the situation.

The Blackhawks have not commented on the situation.

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