Wednesday 19th June 2019,

Lighting Fan Removed From Game For Carrying Gun

boltsPlayoff hockey can be intense, but there’s a certain line of fandom that doesn’t need crossing. Last night at the Tampa Bay Lightning game, a man was removed by police for having a gun on him. The 27-year old had a permit, but is still facing serious charges. The major question surrounding this is how he was able to slip past security with that on him. Scary situation, considering he’s among 19,000 other innocent people.

27-year-old Lucas Cassidy from St. Petersburg, is facing a second degree misdemeanor charge and was given a notice to appear in court. Police said he had a concealed weapons permit. If he had not had a permit he may have been facing a felony charge.

Cassidy was taken into custody during the game after a witness told police he saw Cassidy drop the gun in the bathroom, then pick it up, and put it back in his pocket.

Lightning spokesperson Bill Wickett said his team is still investigating how the Cassidy got passed security with the gun. He said they will do an internal review with police and he expects to release more information tonight.


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