Wednesday 17th July 2019,

Ryan Reaves Pulls His Own Tooth From Bench

reavestoothTeeth are highly overrated, don’t you think?

Each time the Blues and Blackhawks meet, it promises to be physical and chippy to say the least. Sunday Night’s game at the United Center was no different with just a week to go in the regular season and significant playoff implications on the line. During the second period of Sunday Night’s tilt at the United Center, Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook delivered a hit to Ryan Reaves of the Blues. Reaves appeared stunned initially, but was able to regroup on the bench. When NBCSN returned from commercial break, they caught Reaves doing a little self-service dental work. Head trainer Ray Barile was at Reaves’s side as he wiggled the loose tooth until he could pull it out and hand it to Barile. Unfazed by the incident, Reaves would be ready for his next shift.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Reaves has had dental issues with the Blackhawks.

I don’t want to make a federal case out of a loose tooth. We’ve all had them; they don’t really hurt, they’re going to fall out eventually and there may be a little blood. But you don’t have to be an NHL tough guy to withstand losing a tooth and returning to the game. I think fans were more or less impressed with the nonchalant nature in which he did it. This late in the season, I’m fairly certain every player in the National Hockey League would have done the same thing and played through. It’s certainly not something you see every day.

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