Wednesday 23rd January 2019,

Scary Scenes In The KHL – Throat Slashed By A Blade And Slapshot To The Face


One might ask if the KHL is cursed because scary scenes are happening lately.

On Monday a video surfaced of an incredibly frightening incident in which veteran Vitaly Sitnikov had his throat cut by a skate. Ladislav Nagy fell on the ice and as he did his skate blade caught Vitaly Sitnikov right in the throat. Fortunately, no arteries were hit and only a few stitches were required. He will sit out the next game.

Here’s a video of the frightening incident:

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Then on Tuesday, as if things could not get worse, Belarussian defenseman Nikolai Stasenko took a slapshot to the face while attempting to block Sergei Shumakov. Although Stasenko was able to wave to the crowd, he was unable to leave the ice on his own and was taken out on a stretcher. His diagnosis isn’t great.

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According to the KHL, he suffered a “traumatic brain injury.” Stasenko will not return to the ice for at least four months. He is in stable condition and so does not appear to have any complications.

Here’s hoping both players recover quickly from their injuries.

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