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Someone Please Buy This Dude’s Canucks Playoff Ticket

Canucks Fan

May 31, 2011 – Dr. Rush

Vancouver is going for the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1994 and one Canucks fan is not happy. Turns out he has tickets to Game 2. Not great tickets but any ticket to the game is a good ticket.

But the problem is the dude made a promise to his wife to watch a musical that’s in town. Now he can’t go and has to unload the ticket. His craigslist ad is copied below but if you live in the Vancouver area and have $450 to spare hit this guy up before he goes crazy.

I have to sell my ticket to the Canucks game 2, section 313 row 14. Hard Copy ticket

I am unable to go because I have to go to a fucking piece of shit musical with my wife (whom I love). I had agreed to go, and since the NHL decided to make the most retarded schedule they could, I have to give up my ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals to see some piece of shit musical with some bitches singing about some crap I don’t care about. It’s a terrible seat, you will have a terrible time at the game, the beer tastes like crap and costs $10 each… Price is firm because I don’t want to sell it.

e-mail me.

Single Ticket Canucks Game 2



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  • kriti shah

    I love watching serials and my hubby loves to watch ipl (cricket).We have faced many situation similar to this guy.I know what he is going through.

  • Josh

    It says in the ad that they are 10 dollars each

    • joshisanidiot

      @Josh, he is talking about the beer you idiot.


    $10 a beer you idiot!

  • Sports-Glory

    She must not love you if she’s making you go to a musical over the Stanley Cup Finals.

  • ninteyroll

    Get a divorce

  • Jay Bones

    are you fucking kidding me? this guys a pussy.. nothing would stop me from going to that game if it was my team and had tickets…. wow

  • Resolvorr

    Give your musical ticket to a friend of your wife. You go to the game. Simples.

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  • archana agarwal

    In chins one kid sold kidney for ipod.Only god can save this fast food generation.

  • rajeev verma

    Kids should be taught right things at young age.I phone or tickets are good for fun but the thing to understand is that :”these things are not your life”>