Tuesday 04th August 2015,

Vancouver Canucks Begin Anti-Riot PSAs Early In Hopes Of Another Cup Run

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March 29, 2012 – Dr. Deke

Unlike the Toronto Leafs fans, Vancouver Canucks fans are riding high hopes that their team will have a chance to win the Stanley Cup this season.

But unlike last year, the Canucks hope for a couple of different things like actually winning a Game 7 and also not having their fanbase going ape-shit and burning down the city. Although, I kinda hope that the Winnipeg Jets win so their fans can show us what a riot really is.

Thanks to a second-half surge, the Canucks have jumped to 2nd place in the Western Conference. They may not get their home-ice advantage as last year, but if the Canucks can close out some games better they have a solid chance to raise their first Stanley Cup. In hopes of that happening, the city of Vancouver and the Canucks have started airing some PSA’s helping remind the Vancouver fans to respect their city, no matter what.

Several Vancouver Canucks players and fans gathered to film the PSA to urge fans to celebrate responsible.

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