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When Ovechkin and Seidenberg Collide


April 13, 2012 – Dr. Deke

The Bruins Dennis Seidenberg thinks he’s got Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals all lined up for a monster hit. But Dennis is about to learn it’s not that easy to take down the Big Red Machine.

Even though Seidenberg is the one initiating the hit, I’m pretty sure he got the worst of it as Ovechkin gets a heads up on the play. Then, Boom!

When Ovechkin and Seidenberg Collide

The Caps lost to the Bruins 1-0 in OT as Tim Thomas of the Bruins blanked Ovi and friends for a Game 1 victory. Watch the replay of the hit below and you’ll see Ovi pop back up and continue on the play. He may have a few cobwebs loose, but he does get back up.

Alex Ovechkin is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Capitals star hasn’t necessarily been super all year, but when he gets going in the postseason, he’s a ridiculously entertaining specimen.

Don’t tell that to Dennis Seidenberg, though. The Boston Bruins defenseman tried to line up Ovechkin in the second period of Game 1 between the B’s and Washington Capitals Thursday night, but Ovi looked up at the last second and turned the tables on him. Oh, did he turn the tables on him. [via SB Nation]

Dennis Seidenberg hits Alexander Ovechkin and both players fall down.



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