Friday 24th March 2017,

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Coach K to Undergo Back Surgery, Miss 4 Weeks

Grayson Allen isn’t the only member of Duke men’s basketball that will be missing some time. His coach will be sidelined, too. The ageless Mike Krzyzewski needs to undergo back surgery and as a result, [...]


Lane Kiffin Will Not Run Offense For Alabama in Title Game

It’s still somewhat shocking to see that Lane Kiffin is the head coach at Florida Atlantic. He was once considered the up-and-coming young college coach, but he certainly has bounced around a bit of late. [...]


Oscar De La Hoya Postures
Posted On March 24, 2017 | No Comments on Oscar De La Hoya Postures

Boxing is a business. Fans should understand that, if they want to avoid perpetual frustration and resentment. As such, it is the promoter’s job to promote. That means, at times, stretching the truth with hype [...]


Brock Lesnar Retires from MMA…Again!

Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC was short lived one. To be more precise it lasted one fight. He told company officials that was retiring from MMA for a second time. Lesnar came back from [...]


John Daly Wants Proof The Rock Hit 490-Yard Drive

Yesterday we wrote about The Rock’s claim that he can hit a 490 yard drive and now John Daly wants proof. While chatting with TMZ, John Daly, the golfing legend, expressed doubt about The Rock’s [...]