Friday 27th March 2015,

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Jay Cutler to Face Open Competition in Bears Camp
Posted On March 26, 2015 | No Comments

Jay Cutler’s massive contract extension a few years ago confused many and his benching last season compounded that. On his best day, he’s nowhere near elite although you’d never be able to tell by his [...]


Rajon Rondo May Have ‘Half a Foot Out the Door’
Posted On March 27, 2015 | No Comments

Rajon Rondo projects as one of the more interesting free-agency cases this summer. Especially if he’s looking to leave the Dallas Mavericks. Which he might be. From Basketball Insiders’ Steve Kyler: The narrative around Mavericks [...]


Ken Wisenhunt: Mariota Would Start Right Away If We Draft Him
Posted On March 24, 2015 | No Comments

The case of Marcus Mariota is a strange one. His stats at Oregon are as decorated as they come, but does his game translate to the NFL? We’ve seen that he can post a good [...]


Spectacular Kickboxing Knockout Worth Watching
Posted On March 20, 2015 | No Comments

We’re not exactly sure who the stars are of this spectacular kick boxing highlight video making the rounds this morning on the wonderful web, but we do know its worth sharing. Check out the serious [...]


Throwback Thursday; Today in NHL History
Posted On March 26, 2015 | No Comments

March 26, 1917 It was 98 years ago today that the Seattle Metropolitans defeated the defending champion Montreal Canadiens to become the first American club to win Lord Stanley’s Cup. Yes, the Emerald City once [...]


Weekend Boxing Preview for March 28, 2015
Posted On March 27, 2015 | No Comments

The final weekend in March will be a relatively slow one at the world-class level, but there are still a number of intriguing fights taking place across the globe. In England, IBF welterweight champion Kell [...]



MLB Network Hires Pedro Martinez as an Analyst
Posted On March 25, 2015 | No Comments

Pedro Martinez will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in July, but the retired ace just found another gig. Martinez has been hired to be an analyst by the MLB Network. Martinez should be [...]