Thursday 22nd October 2020,

Atlanta Braves Interested in Tim Tebow

Atlanta Braves Interested in Tim Tebow

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Only one week after showing off his baseball skills Tim Tebow may actually get a contract.

On Tuesday, Atlanta Braves general manager John Coppolella confirmed that his team is interested in signing the 29-year-old former NFL quarterback. And he insists it’s not a publicity stunt. He sees no risk financial or otherwise, in the team signing him.

“There’s no risk,” Coppolella said. “If it doesn’t work, we’ll be honest with Tim early, and we can move on. If it does work, it’s great for the Braves and it’s great for baseball.”

“Whatever Tim decides, the fact that he wants to play baseball is good for the game,” Coppolella said. “It’s similar to when Michael Jordan or others have wanted to play. It’s positive to draw this kind of interest to the game and make it a story because it’s good for baseball.”

“We are interested in Tim because of his potential as a baseball player, not as a gate attraction,” Coppolella told ESPN on Sunday. “We have spoken with his representatives multiple times and all parties involved want this to be a pure baseball thing on every level.”

Should Tebow sign with the Braves it would likely be for no more than $100,000 and assign him to the instructional league. Depending on how he does there, he could then take part in the Arizona Fall League or the winter league, and possibly join one of the Braves’ minor league affiliates in the spring. However, he won’t get an invite to spring training.

Coppolella said the interest in Tebow is because of the team’s belief in the scouting system.

“They went to see Tim more in the spirit of ‘Leave no stone unturned,’ and they liked what they saw,” Coppolella said. “They thought he has the upside potential to help us. That is why we’re exploring the possibility of bringing him into the Braves organization.”

You can’t blame people for questioning the Braves motives regardless of whether or not their intentions are good. Should the Braves sign Tebow, it will likely help increase tickets sales, something that is obviously not lost on the Braves organization.

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