Saturday 03rd December 2022,

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Place a $200K Side Bet

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Place a $200K Side Bet

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There was already $9 million at stake in The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but now there are also side bets whose proceeds will go to charity.

The two participated in a news conference and one of the questions was about whether the players have already considered strategy on side bets and this is what Mickelson had to say:

“So I’ve thought a lot about this and there are spots out on the course that are some great spots for a little challenge and the challenges are coming directly out of our pockets, OK?” Mickelson said. “And I feel like the first hole is a great hole for me. And I believe — in fact I’m willing to risk $100,000 that says I birdie the first hole. So that’s how good I feel heading into this match.”

Mickelson then chirped to Tiger Woods about the bet:

“You don’t have to take it. You don’t have to take it at all. But I’m going to throw that out there.”

So how did Tiger respond?

“Double it!”

The $200,000 bet on the first hole is only a sign of what’s to come as Mickelson alluded to potentially millions of dollars in side bets between the two.

“We’re going to be having multiple side challenges that are going to be in the six to seven figures that will be coming out of our own pockets,” Mickelson added.

The high-stakes pay-per-view match begins at 3:00 p.m. ET on Nov. 23.

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