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What’s in the bag – Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Tournament Edition

What’s in the bag – Tiger Woods 2019 Masters Tournament Edition

After years of physical and mental struggles, Tiger Woods had finally made it back to the top of the golf sphere. After winning the Tour Championship in 2018, Tiger completed his comeback capturing his fifth green jacket at Augusta National last April. Tiger captured his fifth jacket finishing the tournament at -13, one shot ahead of Dustin Johnson, Brooks Keopka and Xander Schauffele.

Despite this win coming 14 years after his last triumph at Augusta, Tiger was true to himself sporting the red mock turtleneck and black pants on Sunday afternoon. His looks might have been close to what they used to be, but the contents of Tiger’s bag have greatly changed since 2005. Here’s a closer look at The Big Cat’s bag on this historic Sunday afternoon.

Off The Tee

After using Titleist and Nike clubs for the better part of his career, Tiger has made the switch to TaylorMade. The technological advancements of the company served the Big Cat at this year’s Masters. Tiger used the TaylorMade M5 driver to stay away from the thick pine forests surrounding Augusta’s fairways. The ability to move around the weights in the head of the M5 will serve any experienced player looking to tweak their shots to adapt to any course.

For beginners or less experienced players, the best alternative will be the M6 driver. Very similar in style to the M5, the M6 does not allow for the same adjustments as the M5. Instead, it is much more forgiving than the M5, which is why it is the best option for less experienced players.

In The Alley

It is one thing to reach the alley from the tee. But once your there, you still have to reach the green. Tiger’s weapon of choice at the Masters was the 3-wood version of the M5. Just like its driver counterpart, the fairway wood allows you to move the weight to adjust your shot. Here again, Tiger uses the most technical version of TaylorMade’s M series for his fairway wood.

The champ opted for the most advanced club with his 5-wood as well. TaylorMade’s 2018 M3 fairway wood is the predecessor of the M5 and will offer the same types of benefits, short of a couple technological advancements contained in the M5 and M6’s.

For most golfers, the closest alternative would be the M6 3-wood. Just like with the drivers, the M6 will allow for more forgiveness than the M5, making it easier to hit for less experienced golfers. The same applies to the M3. The M4 would be the best alternative for any amateur golfer looking for an easy-to-hit club.

Divot Makers

The secret behind Tiger’s victory might have been his then prototype P-7TW irons. Very close in style and feel to the P-730’s, the P-7TW’s are now available for anyone looking to get their hands on them. But they may not be suitable for a lot of players. The P-7TW, a set of compact blade irons, will help experienced players get the best feel for their shot.

For less experienced players, the P-7TW represents a valuable option, but you’ll most likely end up cursing the blade irons. TaylorMade’s P-790 irons are the best way to go for less experienced players who desire to look like the GOAT, but do not have the level of play to match.

Chippin’ Away

Every golf fan remembers THE shot Tiger pulled off on 16th at the 2005 Masters. The Big Cat chipped his ball into the green and simply had to wait for it to reach the hole. The Nike logo winked one last time at Woods before falling down the hole. Woods did not need another miraculous chip to win this year, but his Milled Grind wedges served him well on that weekend.

Rolling It In

Except for his Nike years, Tiger has always rocked a Scotty Cameron putter in his bag. The Big Cat won a flurry of tournaments with his old Newport Select 2 GSS blade putter. He most notably tapped in his winning putt at this year’s Masters with this putter.

For any golfer looking to emulate Woods look, you’ll find all the clubs listed above very easily. If you’re looking to do so while respecting a certain budget, don’t forget to look at some used golf clubs to get the most bang for your buck.

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