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2020 NBA Bets: A Rookie’s Guide On How to Play Daily Fantasy Basketball

2020 NBA Bets: A Rookie’s Guide On How to Play Daily Fantasy Basketball

The 2020 NBA regular season had finally started last July 31, 2020. A lot of basketball fans were delighted to see their favorite teams working out inside the court. Last year’s champion, the Toronto Raptors, is looking forward to defending their title once again. Apart from that, fans can expect a more shortened seeding process to determine the team that will be part of the play-ins.

While it’s true that the NBA is currently progressing, Daily Fantasy Sports basketball is another way for bettors to earn money. It is where you can make your dream basketball team and compete with other fantasy players online. Besides that, you’ll have the luxury to pick the players you wanted to be part of your winning roster.

Thus, aside from waiting for the thrilling basketball match-ups, you can find time to play NBA Daily Fantasy in your dedicated sportsbook to earn alternative money. To guide you on how to fulfill this, here are some techniques for creating a strong line-up and playing fantasy basketball.

Strike The Right Point Guard

Out of all the five positions inside the court, the Point Guard has the most important role to fulfill. As part of the team’s offense, this player must make sure to run and pass the ball to the right player at the right time. He must cover the coach’s entire game plan by building a strong offense and boosting the team’s defense.

When you create your fantasy basketball team, make sure to strike early on the right Point Guard. Today, the NBA season has a plethora of young and seasoned point guards. You only have to be updated about their current records, scoring, and injury reports to know if they’re the right pick.

Look For Multi-Category Performers

Unlike football games, which happen once or twice a week, NBA games settle at least four scheduled games in seven days. In this case, you should get covered with the team’s schedule, including their rival teams, to compare them. In line with that, some players do not only work best in their role but in most aspects.

When building a solid fantasy basketball team, find players who perform evenly on rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc. You can ensure that, whatever circumstances may happen when playing DFS basketball or regardless of the contest you enter, your team has a lot to offer and they can put up a good match.

Prepare A List Of Big NBA Sleepers

In drafting your fantasy basketball team, you must only focus on picking the best players inside the court. A lot of fantasy players are counting on NBA superstars, especially those big names. But just like the season, their fate can sometimes change. Thus, it is also important to create a list of big NBA sleepers.

These sleepers refer to substitute players that can equate the performance of your initial pick. It is a must since basketball is a sport where you see bug players prone to injury. When your first choice doesn’t fulfill your dream team, these sleepers can help you replace them and still ensure that you have a tough fantasy basketball team to bet on.

Take No Notice Of Terrible Teams

In NBA games, some days can go bad, but most of the time, it can look good. It usually happens for a team that is determined to work their best inside the court. This idea also happens in fantasy basketball, where you can find terrible teams who might not be able to give their best at first.

That said, don’t ignore those teams who started the season terribly. There is a higher chance that they can bounce back, especially if they consider changing their line-up and giving out their real weapon. Make sure that you are updated with these teams, and if you find them rising as the season progresses, they can be a good pick for your next fantasy basketball games.

Know How To Enter The Right League Format

The DFS basketball is usually divided into two league formats. It depends on the type of sportsbook you sign up as to what type of fantasy basketball format they are going to offer. The first DFS basketball format is the standard one. It is the most popular format for finding ten active slots and another 3 to 5 slots for bench or utilities.

The second one is the customer league format. Newbie DFS basketball bettors mostly play it because of its simplicity. You only have five active slots for this category and another 2 to 5 slots for benchers.


Undeniably, the NBA is one of the most anticipated sports to come back this year after its major setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With its return, the DFS basketball is also offered by most trusted sportsbooks for bettors and fans to play. If you are a newbie fantasy basketball player, don’t hesitate to heed the tactics listed above to build a winning line-up.

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