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Australian NBA players who can surprise in the 2019-20 season

Australian NBA players who can surprise in the 2019-20 season

Aussie NBA Players

Australians have had quite a memorable season last year at the NBA which really shed some light on the Aussie players that have sometimes failed to get any spotlight and this season is shaping up to be an exciting one as well. NBA, in general, has been getting more mainstream media coverage and now it’s exposed more than ever to criticism and to scandals. Although the NBA has never been a stranger to scandals. Movie directors have long been aware of the goldmine of material that is behind the scenes of the NBA. The latest one to hit the theaters is called Insider Game and depicts the event that led to one of the most talked-about betting scandals and the corrupted referee who continuously tried manipulated the outcome of the games. Inside Game serves as a reminder that we might think we know what’s going on during the playoff season but there is still a lot that we can’t predict or understand. This season will probably be just as unpredictable. Here’s we combined a list of 5 Australian NBA players that have the potential to surprise the fans and deliver exciting games.

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers.

One of the most talked-about Aussie basketball players is Ben Simmons. The player is quite divisive within the fans, largely because of his techniques. Nonetheless, he is one of the key players in his team and what actually makes his even more valuable is his chemistry with Joel Embiid. They both are slowly establishing their names as superstar players and manage to bring out the best in each other while delivering entertaining game. Simmons recently signed an expensive contract with Philadelphia and remains one of the top contributors to the team. Simmons and Embiid get so much attention because their compatibility seems so unnatural. Ben Simmons has a quiet confidence about him and usually shies away from the heated comments, unlike Embiid. But the two seem to work together very well and it’s amazing to watch them cooperate. This season we expect that Simmons to be one of the most talked-about Aussie Players.

Joe Ingles, Utah Jazz

Next on our list is one of the NBA’s most elite three-point shooters. Joe Ingles is 32 years old and is knowns to be a vigorous defender and has outstanding skills. Ingles has continuously outperformed expectations. Since Gordon Hayward left the team two seasons ago, Ingles has managed to keep the Team going, along with Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert’s unique defense. It’s hard to predict the direction this team is gonna take, especially Ingles because it has been recently announced that he will be used primarily as a sixth-man off the bench this season. Even though he is not the most active member of the team he is one of the pillars of the Jazz. He has been delivering on his shooting and defense and will probably retain his spot as a closer. We are expecting him to deliver this season as well and the main challenge for him will be to learn how to play along with the new member of the team and have the necessary chemistry with the players so he can deliver his three-pointers as usual.

Patty Mills, San Antonio Spurs

Among one of the most popular Aussie starts, Patty Mills knows how to deliver an entertaining game and bring results but that only happens when it absolutely required of him. So we are placing our hopes on the assumption that this season he will be forced to do his absolute best. This season he will most likely continue to mentor young guards. The San Antonio Spurs are going through a weird time themselves. After the unlikely success that began with David Robinson in the 1990s, which was largely a result of their long-time coach, Gregg Popovich’s efforts. Now the group patiently waits for the coach to elect to retire and is in kind of a transition state. They often fail to be taken seriously as contenders in the Western Conference, but they also are full of potential. So Patty Mills is one to watch out for and he could potentially deliver good results but the team itself will have to get out of this limbo in order to change people’s perception of the Spurs. Mills will also have to fight for his minutes since the team seems to be heavily relying on their younger members nowadays.

Matthew Dellavedova, Cleveland Cavaliers

Matthew Dellavedova first made his name as a backup to Kyrie Irving in 2015 and 2016. The Cleveland Cavaliers team itself is in the middle of rebuilding, after several new members entering the game and trying to figure out the new dynamic. That will be interesting to watch on the court as it unfolded and we will be able to see how well Delly fits into it. He definitely still hold his place n the team and is one of the most loved Aussie players in the NBA and the favorite among the team. With the general draft in place and the team seems to know where they’re going and so does Matthew Dellavedova. He could surprise us this season and he has the task of proving his worth as it is his final year of the contract.

Aron Baynes, Phoenix Suns

Aron Baynes although popular among the Aussies has had quite a successful offseason. He managed to go from an important player for a contender in Boston to bring a back-up in Phoenix, one of the league’s worst franchises over the last few seasons. Phoenix has failed to show any determination or a concrete plan or vision for their team. This season Aron Baynes has the least to work with. He probably won’t get that many minutes but more importantly, he has been pushed to the side when it comes to the consequential game. But this is also an opportunity for Aron Baynes to bring his a game and maybe even nudge his team in the right direction. Aaron has skills for it and the timing could actually be perfect. If he doesn’t step up his game, his potential could be wasting away at the mediocre team.

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